Paul McCartney: The Beatles’ Music Will One Day Hit iTunes

This is a topic that will never stop talking until your music is part of the music catalog on iTunes. And it is that many fans of the English rock band fervently want to see the music of The Beatles in the musical repertoire of the iTunes Music Store . It is also a recurring theme that, with the passage of time, becomes relevant again and every so often, it becomes a topic of discussion.

And now that it has come back to prominence, Paul McCartney has said that the fact that The Beatles’ music has not yet reached iTunes, is the fault of the record label EMI that has not allowed it . “ To tell the truth, I don’t know how this has turned into madness. I know that iTunes would be delighted to do it (bring The Beatles’ music to the virtual store), so it will surely happen one day . “

He has also made known the supposed reasons that there are for the band’s music not reaching iTunes: “ These are some obstacles that have to do with business, nothing to do with us or with iTunes, it is the people who are In the middle of it all, it’s the record label.

To date, EMI remains silent and only notes that the talks are ongoing and that they would love to see The Beatles’ music sold digitally one day . And is that if you consider that this band is one of the largest record sellers, imagine in the business that EMI and its intermediaries are losing, by not including it in Apple’s digital music store.